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Linkage.....check 'm out

PASS Co-Sponsors Links

Tum Yeto                    (Foundation, Pig, Zero, Toy Machine)   
Climax Mfg.                   (Tracker, Sixteen, Orion, Stamina)
Volcom                                         (Volcom Clothes)
Syndrome                                 (dNA, Phantom, Unit)
Dogtown                               (Dogtown skateboards)
NHS Inc.               (Santa Cruz, Independent, Krux, Nuwood)
Globe                                (Globe, and Gallas Shoes)
Think               (Think Skateboards)
Sector 9                  (Sector 9 Long and Short boards)
Blitz Dist.               (Birdhouse, Hook-ups, the firm, flip)
Powell                (Powell Skateboards and Acciessories)
Hurley                  (Hurley Skate and Surf Clothing Co.)
Nixon                                           (Nixon Watches)
Pro Design                 (Pro-Design Custom Skate Pads)
411VM                                  (411 Video Magazine)
Thrasher                                  (Thrasher Magazine)
Transworld                (Transworld Skateboarding Mag)

local shop support

Town & Country     Located island wide....look out for their annual summer event!
Blue Hawaii Surf         Located island wide... great source and skateboard and sponsored events
84 Skate Co.            T-shirts, Skateboards... check it out a Blue Hawaii
Crank & Carve     Located in the North Shore Market place near Pizza Bob's
Mishen Skate Shop   Located in Pearl City, skater owned and operated... ask for Kai

Cool sites...take a peek!

HI-Rolling Media   Cool Hawaii based site with local insight and info.... check'm out now!
Truckstop Mag.  Great mag..lots of good articles and photos....photo contest..out of Florida..
Rob Mertz Site   If you know the name...I need to say nothing more..if you don't..go there anyway
Grindline/Dreamland   If you've seen parks in oregon, washington and colorado...they built'm
DK SkateDesigns   Hawaii founded skatepark consultation and promotion...DK Bowl/Hickam
SSN                           Skateboard and Snowboard News Network...good fun and info
Happy Mag                  Skateboard and Surf Zine.....Online and Hard Copy
Switch Mag           Online skateboard magazine...cool articles, links and photos
Skate spots             Good information and pics of parks around the USA + more
United Skate Assoc.     Want to know what your missing...east coast is ripping in Am events
Transworld Biz       Get hooked up on all the latest in the Skateboarding Biz.....A+++
50-50.com      Hawaii's best source for news, gossip, pics, and a bunch of that aloha spirit..
Skatelab         One of california best private owned skatepark...go there, and dream
Pro-Quality Skates     Louisville, Kentucky's oldest established skate shop (over 17 year)
Skateboard Directory      Vast amounts of info. on the latest sk8brd news, organizations, etc.....
Tile Fetish                               Great site for you Pool Freaks...gotta love it!!
MESS                                      Mid-Eastern Skateboard Series 1983/84
Skate Cab                   Over 25 years of skateboarding history; reflections on MESS

Old and New School Skateboards

Old Skate Collector          Great site, with fantastic photos and archives
Vintage Skates                 Enough to make you cry.....great zorlacs, G&S, plus many others
Old School Skates         Good place to find that old school board you've been looking for....
Old Skateboards                      Another good site to buy from.....old school
Bowlrider                                One of the best sites...cool links, forums and archives
Skatepool          Although from UK, this is a great source to buy old "new" school  A++++
AoS                         The Art of Skateboarding Collectors Site....Great Site!
Tony Hallem Sk8    Austrialia's best collection/museum, and tons of skate related facts
Skull & Bones              Collectors Forums, and other tid bids of cool information
Go Skate Collection         Neat site, filled with great skate info and collections...