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photos courtesy of Sean Broaderick

click here for more skateboard pics of the event

Da Turkey Bowl Shoot Out II    -    November  24th,  2007

           1A Beginner
  1. 91%  Angelo Carrico
  2. 90%  Keanu Angelo*
  3. 89%  Isaiah Yano*
  4. 88%  Willaim Hatcher


       2A Intermediate
  1. 94%  "Squeak" Dahlke

  2. 91%  J.D. Lewis*

  3. 90%  Justin Morris*

  4. 89%  Dan Ige*


          3A Advanced
  1. 95%  Shota Kubo
  2. 94%  Zane Farmer
  3. 93%  Malakai Montes
  4. 91%  Eric Pugh*
    Advanced Grom (10 & under)
  1. 91%  Kalani David
  2. 90%  Lyon Farrell
  3. 87%  Kevin O'shea
  4. 85%  Heimana Reynolds
  1. 94%  Kallie Hancock
  2. 93%  Hunter Long
  3. 91%  Heidi Newton
  4. 89%  Mikaela Sanderlund


                  Veteran  (30+)
  1. 95%  Kirk Murakami
  2. 94%  Larry Morales 
  3. 92%  Freedom Fisher
  4. 88%  Sean Broderrick


                                       Sponsored Am.
  1. 96%  Nick Yamasato                         BH, Hurley, Crimson,Duff,808 tattoo
  2. 94%  Dyson Ramones                                       Blue hawaii
  3. 93%  Wade Abreu*                                           Blue Hawaii
  4. 92%  Justin Tamayo*                                    BDk Skate, oasis
  5. 90%  Lucas Hancock                         Mishen, Independent, Woodflow
  6. 89%  Jason Samfong                                     T&C, Element         
  7. 88%  Billy Fortier                                      Illegal, Graveside 
  8. 87%  "Bronson" Gregory                      T&C, Natural Koncept, Globe
  9. 86%  Daniel Sparrow                                   Illegal, Graveside
  10. 85%  Coty Tenorio                                            T&C, Ciren
  11. 84%  Nate Nahina                                         Town & Country
  12. 83%  Tyler Medeiros                                  Town & Country     


*  indicates a tie - style points were used to determine final placing - 
All skaters judged on two 45 sec. runs (trick diff, style and consistency) - low score dropped, high averaged for total percentage

Best Trick - Kale Sandridge     $250.00
Varial Finger-flip Bomb Drop into the Deepend

Longest Carve - Nick Yamasato    $250.00
31 feet  (record) 

Both the best trick and longest carve were held in the keyhole bowl after the Am. contest... after some delay, the event got under way starting off with a 15 minute jam for the Best Trick.  The main four contenders were Kalani David, Chris Kays, Wade Abreu and Kale Sandridge.  In the end it was almost a toss up between Kalani and Kale... the judges ended up making a final decision for Kale's varial finger-flip bomb drop over Kalani's 540 unit.  I'd like to also mention Kale's 5ft high slob airs, 
a 10-12ft long nose grind tail grab-in;  Kalani's 3ft+ frontside and backside airs (btw he's only 10); Wade Abreu's 4ft one footed backside air as well as his fancy footwork/lip tricks.... and Chris Kays' alley-oop ching-ching from deep to shallow on the hip, he ran outta time to pull the alley-oop kickflip grab.
Shortly afterwards the Longest Carve got underway... if you've never seen this before... you'd probably wouldn't believe it....once again this was an open event for all... I think about 8-12 skaters started off at 12ft.... scaled down to about 4-5 at 18ft... slim'd down to 2-3 at 24ft... and kept going with Chris Kays and Nick Yamasato battling it out to 30ft.  A final 1ft was added to the distance and Nick was the first to pass that mark.... Chris attempted may times and was close but I believe his legs finally gave out and relinquished the title belt to Nick.  All in all....It was super fun, super long, and I think there were many tired happy smiles, to include mine.

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PASS would like to thank all the sk8 local shops
(APB, Mishen, BDK, C&C, Blue Hawaii and T&C)
Local shops (in4mation, Fitted, Oasis & NK)
as well as the local reps (clint, noel, brad, grant, freedom and alf) and of course all mainland sponsors to help make this event a reality....Big props to the judges - Manny, Chris, Wayne & Sean, the volunteers -Ryan, Tom, Alana, Leo
and my HSH partner/gf Tracey.

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