Street Course Results  1 April 2000

13 Under



18 Over

1.     Emil Lacuesta

1.  Josh Jewsbury

1.     John Oliveira

1.  Jarrett Bush

2.     Shane McDonell

2.  Anton Glamb 2.     Daniel Gustophson 2.  Troy Klink
3.     Jibreel Landry 3.  Ryan Chun 3.     Rusty Hoots 3.  Tim Jackson
4.     Kyle Doiron 4.  Lynn Berlenbach 4.     Chris Petrich 4.  Chuck Mitsui
5.     Joe Khamuongsa 5.  Chase York 5.  Kekoa Rogan
6.     Nathan Nahina 6.  Aaron De Jesus 6.  Kyle Collins



1.       Chris Kays  (T &C, Natural Koncepts, Volcom, Globe)
2.       Kevin Hinaga  (Lazy Bonez Skate Shop)
3.       Sam Clemens  (808 Skate, Natural Koncepts)
4.       Robby Gaskell  (T&C, E's, Billabong, ACME)
5.       Richard Gregory  (Lazy Bonez, Natural Koncept)
6.   Chris Menendez  (Hi-Tech, Black Flys, Woodflow)


Bowl Event Results     2 April 2000




1.  Daniel Gustophson 1.  Josh Shuman
2.      Josh Jewsbury
3.      Brandon Kays
4.      Zach Fonoimoana
5.      Daniel Glassman-Vinci



1.       Wade Abreu  (Lazy Bonez, Natural Koncepts, Volcom)
2.       Robby Gaskell  (T&C, E's, Billabong, ACME)
3.       Chris Menendez  (Hi-Tech, Black Flys, Woodflow)
4.       Chris Kays  (T&C, Natural Koncepts, Volcom, Globe)
5.       Alf Kondo  (T&C)


Longest Carve

1.  Sam Clemens  (23ft) 3.  Wade Abreu (20ft)
2.  Chris Menendez  (21ft) 4.  Chris Kays  (20ft)


I’d like to thanks all the local sponsors:  Lazy Bonez, Town & Country, LMID (Local Motion), House of Flys, 808 Skate, Woodflow and Natural Koncepts; As well as the mainland sponsors: Arcade, Tum Yeto (Foundation), Blitz Dist. (Birdhouse, Fury,The Firm), Transworld Mag., Skate One (Powell), Globe & Gallas Shoes, Harbinger Pads, Black Fly Sunglasses, NHS (Santa Cruz), Sector 9, Volcom, Kyrptonics, Climax Mfg. (Tracker, Sixteen), Thrasher Mag, any other sponsors/volunteers/reps and hickam youth programs who helped make this event happen.


With 65 entries in the street course and over 200 spectators, the contest turn out was better than expected, unfortunately due to the numbers, a late start and a strong wind blowing rain only 1 run was completed for each rider.  The level of competition made up for any delays, and PASS enjoyed hosting their first street competition, next time a better start and hopefully weather conditions.  Congrats to all the winners!
In the bowl competition it was a more relaxed environment with 18 entries, although the competition was still there especially in the sponsored division.  Since this was only a “best run” type of event and not a blown out, broken down divisional competition a “lets just have fun” event took place.  After the best run events, we held a longest carve eliminations which everyone tried to out do the other in distance carving around the deep end of the bowl, congrats to Sam Clemens who carved past the 23ft mark, and to those skaters who were close behind.

Mahalo, Mike  Kays

PASS  Coordinator