Da Spring Fling Contest Results
28 April 2007

           10 & under
  1. 95%  Lyon Farrello  
  2. 85%  Scott McClain
  3. 84%  Dylan Kugle
  4. 83%  Mikaela Sanderud
  5. 82%  Anthony Eichens
  6. 80%  Aaron Hoben


       11-12 Years
  1. 87%  Tyler Mederios

  2. 85%  Kevin Bell

  3. 84%  Tremell Fails

  4. 82%  Christian Toves

  5. 81%  Quade Higley

  6. 80%  Kennedy Kugle


          13-14 Years
  1. 93%  Squeak Dahlke
  2. 92%  Daniel Vinci
  3. 91%  Nick Long
  4. 90%  Taylor Rasch
  5. 84%  Robert Hurley
  6. 83%  Tom Lawrence
        15-17 Years
  1. 94%  Justin Tamayo
  2. 90%  Eric Pugh
  3. 88%  Alec Singer
  4. 87%  Kyle Smith
  5. 86%  Troy Pintarelli
  6. 84%  Noil Buscaglia
         18 & over
  1. 91%  Vance Rickafort           
  2. 90%  George Banks    
  3. 86%  Romel Cabrera                     
  4. 85%  Jim Colliton                    
  5. 84%  Joel Jones      
Sponsored Am    
  1. 90%  Nick Yamasato - BH, Crimson, Hurley, Duffs
  2. 87%  Emil Lacuesta -  T&C
  3. 86%  Kaikea Kimura -  APB, Enjoi, Emerica, RVCA
  4. 85%  John Olivera -    APB, Emerica
  5. 83%  Larry Upchurch - Prototype
  6. 82%  Tim Jackson -    APB, Fitted, Lakai

There were many highlights throughout the event.... I wish I could have seen more, but I guess that's a sacrifice for being a organizer/planner
in a skateboard competition.  Anyway, from what I saw there were many talented skaters completing in each division... to name a few outstanding
performances would be Lyon Farrello from Maui, this little grom (10 & under) could of almost stood up in the 13-14 age group, truly amazing 
and fun to watch!  Scott McClain (HSH Local) was hot on his tail, but just couldn't quite make up the difference to catch Lyon.  Kevin Bell (11-12) kept it smooth and consistent, but wasn't quite enough to catch Tyler Mederios who combined his style and trick difficulty to edge him out for first.
The 13-14 age group was probably the hardest and closest division to score.... Squeak Dahlke pulled out 1st place by maintaining a balance of all 3 areas scored...Style, Trick Difficulty and Consistency with smooth grinds, ollies, and 50-50's on the ledges.... Little Daniel Vinci and Nick Long
battled for the second spot... Daniel squeaked by with being more consistent between his 2 scored runs...  I have to mention Nicks bomb drops off 
the 6ft platform and then the 8ft roll in... let's just run, leap and land on the board!  Crazy!!  (Btw, don't do that anymore.. hehe.. serious!)  Ahhh, 
the 15-17 age group.... now that was something to see as well.... Justin Tamayo suffered a "bonk" to the eye brow during practice and almost decided to bow out.... but obviously by his performance and 1st placing he overcame his obstacles and dominated with grinds, ollies, smiths on
the handrail and numerous flip tricks.... Eric Pugh was close behind but a little less consistent than Justin therefore taking 2nd place.  The 18 & over
division first worried me... hardly any entries at first... Vance Rickafort dropped by last minute and took the whole thing with his style and consistency of flip tricks.... George Banks came close, but no cigar and had to settle for 2nd.... Romel and Jim fought it out for third... Romel won.
The Sponsored Division.... cream of the crop (at least for today at HSH).... I hope you guys are sore... you deserve it....LOL  (you can thank me later).... yes, PASS put them to the test with a head to head, double elimination.... basically 2 skaters were paired off for a 90 sec jam... one advanced, the other dropped to a Loser bracket with the chance to make it back into the Final.  Once down to the top 6 skaters, they were given each one 60sec run scored by the 3 basic rules, STYLE, TRICK DIFFICULTY & CONSISTENCY.   Nick Yamasato took 1st  by
dominating (I like that word) the street course by saying "yo mine b*tch".... he might be a practicing vegetarian, but he became a carnivore of HSH, 
chewed it up, and spit out the fat with big airs, smiths, ollies, grinds over the big 3, and lien to tails.... I don't think he missed an obstacle..... gulp! 
In 2nd place was Emil Lacuesta, he also one of the three in the winners jam bracket, and kept getting better as he skated... solid 50-50's on the hubba ledge, kick flips, ollies and spanking the handrail once or twice just for good measure.  Kaikea Kaimura was close on Emils shoes, falling
just 1% behind 2nd place....Kaikeas' flip tricks, handrail and hubba ledge grinds, not to mention a easy going smooth style headed off Silent John for 3rd place.  Btw, Kaikea skated back to the Final after losing to Larry Upchurch in the 2nd stage of the pre-lims, but advanced past Applenuts to make it into the Final.  In 4th was John Olivera... silent John always seems to amaze me.... he definitely has a talented bag of tricks and experience.... John got better and better throughout the event; he lost in the first round of pre-lims to Alika Virtudes , but came all the way back along with Tim Jackson to make it back into the Finals by skating past Aaron Lee & Lucas Hancock.... needless to say, these two guys wanted it and skated the most out of everyone to come back to the Finals!   If this was a taste of Hawaii's best, I'm really looking forward to the street team challenge!!

PASS would like to thank all the local and mainland sponsors to help make this event a reality...
Crank & Carve, Mishen, APB, Town & Country, Blue Hawaii, BDK Skate Shack,
Flip, Hook Ups, Volcom, Sector 9, Vestal, Da Kine, Vans, Element, Stussy, Natural Koncepts, Electric, BayVI , Thrasher Mag & Powell

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