Kailua (Keolu Hills)

DK Rating:  Design B- / Construction B / Finish B

25 October 2001

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23 February 2002  Grand Opening Day

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Another accomplishment for the Honolulu Parks and Rec. 
Keolu being the largest of the public skateparks to date, unfortunately at over 600K to build, and only providing a 15K sq ft facility, the "amount for the dollar" isn't going too far here in Hawaii. Only we (skaters) can make that change!

Directions:  From town find your way to H1 then take the Pali Hwy over to the Windward side; Follow the signs as if going to Kailua on the Pali, then mid way turn right on Kalaniana'ole Hwy (Waimanalo); Take a left on Keolu Dr, pass one stop light, and look toward the left side of the road, and you'll see the park.  Street Parking and Keolu Hills Parking Lot available.