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Chris Kays: 16 yr old Sponsored Amateur, Natural Koncepts-Globe shoes,   local Oahu rider,
recently moved to mainland (KY)

Accomplishments: Numerous Top Five placing within TC, Soulriders, PASS, and ASH Contests for the past 6 years.

Telephonic interview Aug 2001:  PA=Pass     CK=Chris Kays
50 Questions (give or take a few)

PA:  So what's the latest Chris?
CK:  Hmmm...living in Kentucky (KY) with my Mom, going back to school and trying to skate as much as possible.
PA:  How's KY and skateboarding Mix?
CK:  It's fun, mostly street stuff to skate in town (Louisville) and some pretty good kids.
PA:  what places have you been skating lately?
CK:  Went to Lexington (1.5hr drive) and skated a public park, skated a friend backyard mini (4 x 12), downtown Louisville, and took a trip up to Columbus Indiana (2hr drive) to a indoor park.
PA:  How have your sponsors treated you since moving to KY?
CK:  Same 'ole....except I lost 2 sponsors (TC & Volcom)
PA:  How come you lost 2 sponsors?
CK:  Team Cut at Volcom (so as I was told) and since I moved I couldn't keep a spot on the Town & Country (local shop) Team.
PA:  How long have you really been skateboarding?
CK:  Hmmm...I think about 14 years...since I was 2 yrs old.
PA:  Who inspires you and your skating?
CK:  Rune on vert and arto on street
PA:  What's your set-up right now for skateboarding?
CK:  NK board (7.5) and wheels (51mm), and Royal Trucks.
PA:  Have to attended any competitions while in KY?
CK:  Only one in Lexington, it was a best trick contest put on by a local shop...I won the event doing a large (16ft) transfer from the bank to bank into the bowl'd area.
PA:  So what's your plans...and plans for skateboarding?
CK:  Plan on finishing High School..keep skating...and try to travel to contest events.
PA:  Speaking of school...where do you go now?
CK:  Waggener HS in Louisville, but I'd like to transfer....
PA:  What classes do you take?
CK:  Photo, Electronic communication...ughh, do I have to say all of them <laughing>??
PA:  any words of wisdom to give fellow piers about school?
PA:  What's the last skate video you saw? and what's your fav?
CK:  Last saw Real to Reel, and fav's are the 411 series.
PA:  What the last movie you saw?
CK:  Hmm...<thinking>...Rush Hour 2.
PA:  What's the last thing you ate?
CK:  2 burritos with salsa and chips.
PA:  What do you miss most about leaving hawaii?
CK:  Hanging out and skating with everyone...and the beach.
Pa:  Why did you leave?
CK:  Don't like the school system in hawaii...
PA:  Ever plan on coming back?
CK:  Sure...I hope a lot...at least plan on it.
PA:  So what color is you hair now?
CK:  Black....just joking..<laughing>..just regular blond
PA:  Are the any skateboards secretly stashed at Hickam hangar?
CK:  Yeah.......but I can't tell you...<laughing>
PA:  Do you plan on trying to get new sponsors?
CK:  Thinking about making a "sponsor me" video..but not too sure who I'd send it to yet.
PA:  So what's up with your little brother...Brandon?
CK:  I think he's coming out here too..? hmmm...i heard he's really skateboarding good....
PA:  Do you think kids should get sponsored at an early age?
CK:  Sure, if they're good enough, look at Ryan Sheckler,Pro at 9!
PA:  How old were you when you got sponsored and what order?
CK:  Hmm...I think Volcom at 10-11, NK at 12, Globe at 12-13, Lazy Bonez at 14, then TC at 15.
PA:  Do you think spon. groms should ride against older spon. Amateurs?
CK:  Yes.....I did.
Pa:  What's your favorite type of music, and band?
CK:  Punk, Rap, and alternative...favorite band is CKY.
PA:  So you don't really like the Backstreet Boys and Country?
CK:  No!..I hate that music! besides Alf said that..not me.. in that "go" magazine interview..<laughing>
PA:  Where did the nickname "Team Chris" (TC) come from?
CK:  Eric Davis made that up...he's the bald guy who skates the bowl at hickam... for those of you who don't know him.
Pa:  Do you get along with your oldest sister?
CK:  Now a days I do....yeah.
Pa:  does she skate?
CK:  No....and I don't think she ever will....
Pa:  Who does skateboard in your family?
CK:  My Dad, little brother (11) and little sister (6).
PA:  Have you ever been seriously injured from skateboarding?
CK:  Yes... I had to have a skin graph on my shin after trying to ollie the gap (11ft quarter to large bank) at the Kapahulu park.
PA:  what's the most gnarly trick you've tried..but never made?
CK:  The gap at Kapahulu skatepark.
PA:  what's the hardest trick you've made?
CK:  Hmm..i don't know?? ughh..hard to pick one...maybe on vert the cabalerial....and...ask me later...<thinking>
PA:  Are you working on anything new?
CK:  Big and long handrails....<smirk>
PA:  How many boards have you broken while attemping tricks?
CK:  Only a hand full....
PA:  Any girlfriends?? Taken?
CK:  No.....no girlfriends
PA:  What? You mean you've never been kiss'd?
CK:  Yeah...I mean no..I've been kiss'd!
PA:  Oh yea?  How many times and WHO!
CK:  <laughing> that's confidential! <laughing>
PA:  What's more important, skating for fun or just to be sponsored?
CK:  Of course...for fun!
PA:  DO you think you'd still be skating just for fun?
CK:  As long as I can still do stuff...otherwise I'd get boring.
PA:  Any closing comments you'd like to say to whoever read this interview this far?
CK:  I'd like to say "hi" to all...and to give thanks to everyone I skated with and pushed me to skate harder...to all at the hickam hangar, and all my sponsors and reps....O'yea...thanks Mom & Dad.
PA:  Last Words?
CK:  "I'll be back" <arnold style>