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Recently the Hickam Hangar (HH) skateboard park was offered as a concessionaire, passeries is glad to be involved in this undertaking... hence forth a new beginning so to speak with lots of challenges to overcome. 

The street course has been re-vamped with numerous new obstacles and layout.

The turning and resurfacing of the vert ramp... the vert will connect between both bowls project to be 1st quarter of '07.

Repairs and spot resurfacing of the keyhole and mini-bowl have been done and both bowls are open

The Shack has been turned into a small pro shop offering a select brands of sk8 gear.

Concessions will be provided for sale (drinks, candy, microwavable foods,etc..)

Programs will include extended park hours, birthday party reservations, lock-ins,
skateboard rentals & lessons, organizational contests and demos throughout the year.

HH will default back in time to original park hours and fees.
     $20 annual memberships w/ $3 per day rates  -  $5 per day non-member rates
            Membership will include skate member card, Park T-Shirt and discount passes.

     Planned hours of operation will be Tuesday thru Sunday.
            Tue, Wed, Thurs:    3-8pm                   Friday:             3-10pm
            Saturday:               2-10pm                 Sunday:           12-5pm

Drop by when you can or email me to get a day pass...  hope to see new and old faces...

Aloha ,  BDK       


The Before  (blue frames are new pics)

DSCF0751.JPG (83765 bytes)
Street 1
DSCF0756.JPG (84761 bytes)
Street 2
DSCF0753.JPG (82997 bytes)
Street 3
DSCF0755.JPG (87328 bytes)
DSCF0754.JPG (85910 bytes)
DSCF0748.JPG (89514 bytes)
Street 4
DSCF0749.JPG (85589 bytes)
Street 5
DSCF0750.JPG (92742 bytes)
Street 6
mbowl02b.jpg (51024 bytes)
bba1.jpg (36476 bytes)
Keyhole Bowl

DSC01612 (Custom).JPG (49464 bytes)
Vert Destructo
DSC01611 (Custom).JPG (53089 bytes)
Vert Destructo
DSCF0767.JPG (85214 bytes)
Vert Relocated
DSCF0764.JPG (91935 bytes)
Vert Relocated
DSC01642 (Small).JPG (46057 bytes)
Street View
DSC01637 (Small).JPG (45863 bytes)
Street View
DSC01634 (Small).JPG (66674 bytes)
Street View
DSC01643 (Small).JPG (40671 bytes)
Street Construction
DSC01644 (Small).JPG (73297 bytes)
Street Constuction
DSC01645 (Small).JPG (74488 bytes)
Street Construction
DSC01646 (Small).JPG (66630 bytes)
Street Construction

DSC01647 (Small).JPG (69850 bytes)
Street View

DSC01639 (Small).JPG (38868 bytes)
Office Resto

DSCF0790.JPG (85949 bytes)
Street resto
DSCF0792.JPG (85269 bytes)
Street resto
DSCF0793.JPG (82308 bytes)
Street resto
DSCF0794.JPG (85257 bytes)
Street resto
DSCF0795.JPG (82358 bytes)
Street resto
DSCF0796.JPG (87763 bytes)
Street resto
DSCF0797.JPG (87983 bytes)
Street resto
DSCF0799.JPG (81079 bytes)
Vert resto
DSCF0801.JPG (84117 bytes)
Mauka view
DSCF0800.JPG (85131 bytes)
Upper view

DSC01705.JPG (162896 bytes)
Euro - Bank
DSC01706.JPG (161510 bytes)
Quarter - Bank
DSC01707.JPG (159198 bytes)
6' roll / whoopty
DSC01708.JPG (148376 bytes)
Upper level
DSC01709.JPG (139691 bytes)
Upper level
DSC01710.JPG (141249 bytes)
Upper level
DSC01711.JPG (134341 bytes)
Ledges - banks
DSC01712.JPG (149147 bytes)
Upper view
DSC01713.JPG (149097 bytes)
Upper view
DSC01714.JPG (140355 bytes)
Mauka view

shop1.jpg (97862 bytes)
Da Shack
shop3.jpg (93810 bytes)
Da Shack
shop5.jpg (89215 bytes)
Entry Window
shop4.jpg (74611 bytes)
Outside Da Shack
shop2.jpg (101794 bytes)
Da Shack
vertresto1.jpg (96485 bytes)
Vert Ramp Resto
vertresto2.jpg (85717 bytes)
Vert Ramp Resto
vertresto3.jpg (77147 bytes)
Vert Ramp Resto
bbowl1.jpg (90417 bytes)
Keyhole Bowl
minib1.jpg (50716 bytes)
Mini Bowl
minib2.jpg (80644 bytes)
Mini Bowl
minib3.jpg (83828 bytes)
Mini Bowl
street12.jpg (80877 bytes)
Street View
street11.jpg (75790 bytes)
Street Ctr Piece
street13.jpg (59602 bytes)
Street Qtr/Bank
street1.jpg (59390 bytes)
Street Qtr/Doorway
street7jpg.jpg (49171 bytes)
Street Whoopty/Rail
street6.jpg (61511 bytes)
Bank w/ ledges
street5.jpg (73009 bytes)
Upper Level 3 stair
street4.jpg (66084 bytes)
Upper Level Miniture
street3.jpg (74839 bytes)
Upper level overview
street2.jpg (60773 bytes)
Street Ctr overview
street10.jpg (61421 bytes)
Ctr Piece euro-gap
street8.jpg (59307 bytes)
Street View Makai
street9.jpg (67578 bytes)
Ctr piecew/ bank hubba