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At the last parks and rec meeting (Oct 3), the agenda consisted of review of the Kailua, Aala, Mililani, and North Shore skate facilities.  Mind you this is our (DK) opinion..take it for what it's worth (over 35 years combined skating and building):
Kailua (808 Skate-Chuck design)...good to go....shares both interests of old school and new school i.e. bowl combinations, snake run, ledges, pyramids, hips, banks and transitions.  
Aala (Chad Hy. design with DK fixes)...if you like ledges....you'll love Aala....not much flow...but a lot of "one hit wonders"and back and forth riding.  
Mililani (Chad Hy. design)...hmmm...a little bit of controversy....so far this is the third plan I've seen....large 8ft obstacles at one end that flow into 2/3ft and 4ft pyramids with a ton of banks... then into a 6ft U-shape bowl and 2.5ft deep dish....not much flow unless you like to go back and forth.   Sources say that the Design & Construction (Parks & Rec) and the landscape architects are too far behind to change what's been drawn.  
North Shore (now a DK design).....even though a conceptual design...it's headed into the right direction....street course..snake run...and peanut bowl.  By the way two facilities are under design...Haleiwa and Banzai. After all the displays...Hawaii Kai people discussed the temp facility and the permanent facility location pro's and con's.  (My opinion, they'll prob end up with the best one....after all they'll have all the other parks to learn from...mistakes in design etc...it's a shame we have to learn who we should listen too). Maikiki (808 Skate Chuck/Chad design) is open now !!!  (watch out for crowds!)....small...tight...no flow but a few "one hit wonders", but "it's there".......
(Nov19) By the way...word of mouth has it that Aala Park design is complete and has gone to bid, but the Mililani and North Shore are still in "design controversy", if they don't make the Nov 00 cut off, the money will be gone for another year. If you live in those districts...give a call to the Parks and Rec, your district manager, or county representative...heck..CALL THE MAYOR!
(7 Dec) it looks like N.Shore made the cut off with options in design.  Mililani....not too sure...but even if they made it, the design was already controversial..and according to the designer/architect it couldn't be modified. 
(1 Feb 01)  From what I've been told, Aala Park design has gone for bid, but state has not awarded the bid yet...if you've driving by the site lately you'll see construction going on to Aala, but that has nothing to do with the re-vamp of the skate facility.  As far as I know, Millilani, Kailua made the bid for funding, but haven't heard a time line of completion.  On the north shore, we've (DK) started design with the assigned landscape architects for both Haleiwa and Banzai parks.  Haleiwa (Phase 1) is complete and up for final specs/drawing.  Banzai is in the final stages of design and will following the Haleiwa park for final specs/drawings.   Realistically.....in order of completion (my opinion).....Aala - summer 2001, Millilani - summer/fall 2001, Kailua/North Shore - winter or very end of 2001.  After all...even though each park goes out for bid...the state only hires "Hawaii General Contractors" they will not hire people who do this for a living....and there is only one firm semi - familiar with skate parks soooo....what do u think....
(28 May 01)  Well, seems like quite a bit of time has flown by...yet not much except controversy still in the making as far as "who", "when", "where" and "how" these city skate park are going to happen! If Aala was the "rush" job..."the design could not be changed", and it's in the same construction state that it has been for the last 9 months!  Oh boy is everyone else in for a long wait!!! Anyway, I do know that there are some more "hired" architects for both Pearl City (Chad design) and Hawaii Kai (Robo, Martial, IM, & DK design) projects. I have seen plans for Hawaii Kai (looks like fun), but have only heard of an inquiry from Pearl City.  My suggestion is for all parents and kids to get involved with their city reps and councils...it's the only way to be heard...call the mayors complaint line if you seem to be neither heard or seen. 
(4 Oct 01)  Quite a while has passed, and now a few things are getting accomplished as far as the skatepark construction scene is concerned.  I can confirm that Mililani is being built.... super mini at Hickam being built...Aala being started on....and I believe the Kailua park is being started as well (no confirmation yet).  Haleiwa and Banzai designs went under a major revision from first plans drawn, and the final designs are what you link to from this site...both N.Shore designs should have gone already for construction re-bid.  Hawaii Kai is going to be constructed by the same contractor who's working on  Mililani as we speak, so see that one worked on by very end of 2001 complete in 2002.
Experienced construction skaters who have built major skate structures before should be hired to help build, design and consult on skate parks... as in the same way experienced golfers design and consult to build golf courses!  
Quote:  Talk is cheap...unless it cost $300,000 then we all suffer, and SOMETHING is not better than NOTHING!